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My name is Peggy Palmiter and I have been teaching technology to older adults for the last ten years!  I first got interested in technology from working with my Dad.  He taught be you can always figure it out and HAVE FUN!!  If you can’t have fun, it’s not worth doing.

After my Dad died, I began to work with my Mom, teaching her to use the computer.  Then it branched out to my aunts, my uncles and my friends. Since then I have taught many classes, tutored many students and offered support and technical assistance to many of the over 50 crowd.

You have taught me a lot over the last 10 years and Your Computer Whisperer is where I am putting all that into practice.  My services are based on three important principles – all learned from you.


Classes are Only a Start –  When I first started Y-C-W, I was very focused on classes.  I wanted to offer older adults classes that were geared to their style of learning.  Most of the over 50 crowd didn’t grow up with technology and for many of you it is like teaching a foreign language.  I know how to offer classes that respect that reality.

But I have also learned that classes are only the beginning and not the end of the learning process.  That’s why we have a website with videos and demonstrations to help you review and remember what you hear in class.  Every class you attend gives you access to our membership website.

Learning is a Process, not a destination – The other important thing that I learned is that every single one of you learns differently.  And real learning occurs when you get the answer to a question you need right now!  How do I fix my screen so it looks like I want it?  How can I get that program back?  What happened to that file I just saved?  Where did my download go?

I have heard all of these questions – and most of them were in my tutoring or tech support roles.  I believe that older adults learn technology best when they have an ongoing method of support, troubleshooting and someone to answer their questions when they have them.  That’s why I have set up membership levels at Y-C-W.  You can set up your own appointments online – or register for a class or support session!   I want you to become members, so you have access to ongoing learning and support!

It’s all about community –  The memberships I set up at Y-C-W are about learning, but they are also about connections and community.  I believe when you have a relationships with someone who understands how you learn and is available when you need them (almost always), then you not only learn better – but you have gained something even more valuable than technology.  You have a community.  Welcome to the Y-C-W community.

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